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The Stanislaus Foundation for Medical Care (SFMC) was formed by the physicians of the Stanislaus Medical Society and was established in 1957 to guarantee the delivery of quality medical care on a pre-payment basis at a just and equitable cost to both the patient and physician. SFMC is a dental and health management system created to serve the best interests of the public and professional community. We stress freedom of choice by the patient along with preserving physician/patient relationship.

SFMC works directly with brokers, consultants, general agents and insurance companies to provide the most appropriate dental and healthcare solutions. SFMC concentrates our efforts in our local community. We believe that dental and healthcare should be locally based whenever possible and all of our programs and services support this philosophy. While we are part of the California Foundation for Medical Care (CFMC) providing healthcare services throughout California and across the nation, our strong focus is local. Our umbrella organization is extensive, locally run and cooperative and results more effective management in all aspects of dental and healthcare delivery.



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